Ecommerce SEO Packages

Our Ecommerce website SEO packages work well with all the popular platforms including Magento, Joomla, WooCommerce, ASP.NET, Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce and WordPress. Our SEO experts work closely with our web developers who are very well versed with the functionality of all these Ecommerce platforms and know how to quickly scale traffic.

Depending upon the scale of your operations, catalog size, current traffic and sales levels, you can choose from one of our Ecommerce SEO packages.

If you’re not sure which Ecommerce SEO plan works best for you or need a customs quote, simply get in touch with us.

Value Added Services

Combine Ecommerce SEO with Ecommerce Advertising Services to give an instant boost to your sales. Start Google PLA Ads, Amazon Ads for maximum impact! In fact you could even set-up a Facebook Shop for even higher reach.

Leverage our expertise with Ecommerce Web Design & Development to enhance your site – redesign for a better user experience, add new modules, integrate a blog, optimize load time and so much more.

If you already have substantial traffic on your site, use our CRO services to improve conversion rates

We are happy to provide references on request. You can check out our Ecommerce SEO case studies here.

FAQs on our Ecommerce SEO Plans

Keyword Selection & SEO Process
How do you finalize keywords for my Ecommerce website?

There will be hundreds of products under various categories on your Ecommerce site. You would be the best judge on the products that are popular or need a push. We would research and select keywords based on the product categories suggested by you.

Will you be able to identify the words consumers are using to buy our products?

Yes. We use 2 of the most popular keyword research tools to identify the keywords that consumers use to search and buy products related to your business. We are then ready to create keyword lists and targeted SEO campaigns for better results.

Is local SEO important for my Ecommerce site?

Yes, local SEO is an important aspect of the overall Ecommerce SEO Strategy. Consumers often use specific locations while searching for products. For example, a person searching for ‘fresh lilies in Delhi’ will not benefit from a link to an Ecommerce site that provides lilies in Mumbai.

Will local SEO limit sales to a particular geography?
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